Friday, October 18, 2013

There is No "School" in Our Homeschool

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Where schools think…                 We think …

Teach,                                              Mentor
Lessons,                                            Learning
Subjects,                                          Living
Testing,                                             Discussion
Productivity,                                    Meta-learning
Textbooks,                                       Living books
Rewards & punishments,               Natural consequences
Coercion,                                        Following interests
Well roundedness,                          Specialization
Equality,                                           Individualization
School days, hours,                        Learning all the time
Assignments,                                   Learning together
Compulsion,                                   Freedom and choice
Learning materials,                        All things hold learning potential
Scope & Sequence,                     Learning new skills as they become     
                                                           useful & meaningful           
Recreating real world                  Being in the real world
in school ,                                                    
Age-segregation,                          Age-integration   
Preparing for “real life”,                Living a real life


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