Friday, October 18, 2013

Monthly Home Learning Wrap~Up September 2013

What we read:
·      The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
·      Finished Venom and Song by Batson & Hopper
  • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
·      Mystery of History covering
o   Ice Age, dinosaurs, Gilgamesh, Stonehenge, early Egypt, the Minoans
·      Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

What we did:
·      Lots if nail art.  Lorelei started a nail polish swatch & design notebook
·      Researched acrylic nails – pros, cons, how-to
·      Lorelei did her own acrylic manicure
·      Doodling & tangling
·      Played around with photo editing
·      Worked on drawing realistic cats
·      Made banana bread
·      Worked on Life of Fred, Kidneys – Chapters 1 -  5
·      Made lots of flexahexagons
·      Designing outfits on Polyvore app
·      Disappearing egg shell experiment
·      Helicopter tour of Oahu
·      Ivory soap experiment – states of matter, heat, expanding gases
·      Cool Math 4 Kids strategy games
·      Pinterest for design inspiration
·      Researched Vietnamese flying fox – actually a bat, lives in newly discovered Son Doong Cave in Vietnam
·      Journaling, poem writing
·      Iphone upgrade and playing around with it
·      Seterra geography, memorizing North American countries & US States
·      Writing emoji stories
·      Upcycled a jean jacket into a jean vest – ombre dyed in bleach
·      Made Lembas bread for Hobbit week!
·      Made clay props for Halloween costume
·      Learned about diabetes now that our cat has high glucose

What we watched:
·      Vihart video on parabola doodling. Covered how parabolas, dots, lines, cones & cone sections are all related.
·      Latest VSauce videos
·      Vihart videos about flexahexagons.
·      Observed an ant colony invading our mint plant
·      Observed a mud wasp making a hive

Where we went:
·      Sally’s Beauty supply for info about acrylic nails. Had to ask for help by herself. Big step.
·      Tok cat to the Vet. 
·      Trampoline House
o   Volcanoes National Park
o   Southern most point in the US!
o   Black & green sand beach
o   Top of Mauna Kea
o   Keck Observatory, got a nice mini tour from a scientist there
o   Found a locals beach full of old glass.  Decades old, broken soda & beer bottles. La’s favorite part!
o   Swam with Manta Rays! Incredible!

What we talked about:
·      Government shutdown, how the Congress is designed to function vs. how it functions today.
·      Issues of mind control in government.
·      Facism vs. Communism
·      Idioms and their historical origins

There is No "School" in Our Homeschool

"Image courtesy of scottchan/"

Where schools think…                 We think …

Teach,                                              Mentor
Lessons,                                            Learning
Subjects,                                          Living
Testing,                                             Discussion
Productivity,                                    Meta-learning
Textbooks,                                       Living books
Rewards & punishments,               Natural consequences
Coercion,                                        Following interests
Well roundedness,                          Specialization
Equality,                                           Individualization
School days, hours,                        Learning all the time
Assignments,                                   Learning together
Compulsion,                                   Freedom and choice
Learning materials,                        All things hold learning potential
Scope & Sequence,                     Learning new skills as they become     
                                                           useful & meaningful           
Recreating real world                  Being in the real world
in school ,                                                    
Age-segregation,                          Age-integration   
Preparing for “real life”,                Living a real life