Friday, October 18, 2013

Monthly Home Learning Wrap~Up September 2013

What we read:
·      The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
·      Finished Venom and Song by Batson & Hopper
  • Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs
·      Mystery of History covering
o   Ice Age, dinosaurs, Gilgamesh, Stonehenge, early Egypt, the Minoans
·      Harrison Bergeron by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

What we did:
·      Lots if nail art.  Lorelei started a nail polish swatch & design notebook
·      Researched acrylic nails – pros, cons, how-to
·      Lorelei did her own acrylic manicure
·      Doodling & tangling
·      Played around with photo editing
·      Worked on drawing realistic cats
·      Made banana bread
·      Worked on Life of Fred, Kidneys – Chapters 1 -  5
·      Made lots of flexahexagons
·      Designing outfits on Polyvore app
·      Disappearing egg shell experiment
·      Helicopter tour of Oahu
·      Ivory soap experiment – states of matter, heat, expanding gases
·      Cool Math 4 Kids strategy games
·      Pinterest for design inspiration
·      Researched Vietnamese flying fox – actually a bat, lives in newly discovered Son Doong Cave in Vietnam
·      Journaling, poem writing
·      Iphone upgrade and playing around with it
·      Seterra geography, memorizing North American countries & US States
·      Writing emoji stories
·      Upcycled a jean jacket into a jean vest – ombre dyed in bleach
·      Made Lembas bread for Hobbit week!
·      Made clay props for Halloween costume
·      Learned about diabetes now that our cat has high glucose

What we watched:
·      Vihart video on parabola doodling. Covered how parabolas, dots, lines, cones & cone sections are all related.
·      Latest VSauce videos
·      Vihart videos about flexahexagons.
·      Observed an ant colony invading our mint plant
·      Observed a mud wasp making a hive

Where we went:
·      Sally’s Beauty supply for info about acrylic nails. Had to ask for help by herself. Big step.
·      Tok cat to the Vet. 
·      Trampoline House
o   Volcanoes National Park
o   Southern most point in the US!
o   Black & green sand beach
o   Top of Mauna Kea
o   Keck Observatory, got a nice mini tour from a scientist there
o   Found a locals beach full of old glass.  Decades old, broken soda & beer bottles. La’s favorite part!
o   Swam with Manta Rays! Incredible!

What we talked about:
·      Government shutdown, how the Congress is designed to function vs. how it functions today.
·      Issues of mind control in government.
·      Facism vs. Communism
·      Idioms and their historical origins

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