Friday, September 6, 2013

Monthly Home Learning Wrap Up ~ July 2013

What we read:
·      The Giver, Messenger, Gathering Blue & Son by Lois Lowry
·      Son of Neptune & Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan
·      After about 6 months of Lorelei feeling like she just did not want to read, she has caught the reading bug again.  She read The Mark of Athena in one week. It is almost 600 pages.

What we did:
·      We did lots of snorkeling this month. We even had the opportunity to sea an eagle spotted ray!
·      Long paddle board trip Sunset to Waimea
·      Lorelei has continued do explore design through original nail art designs and starting a fashion notebook.  She is sketching original designs and putting together outfits for different occasions.
·      Lorelei has been gaining inspiration through exploring ideas on Pinterest.
·      Lorelei has had to make consumer decisions based on her wish list of things to buy and her budget. Lots of real math in this.
·      Played games on Cool Math 4 Kids – mostly strategy, problem solving games
·      Jewelry making with friend on a sleepover
·      Caught a gecko & cane spider and trapped then together to see what would happen – nothing.
·      Water proofed a paper boat

What we watched:
·      Outrageous Acts of Science, Vsauce, CutePolish
·      Crash Course video on the Cold War & The 4th of July

Where we went:
·      This month La spent 2 weeks a camp.  She did lots of outdoor activities and memorized many Bible verses.  She loved both week and had a ball.
·      Graphic Art Supply store for sketch books, pencils, other supplies
·      Ice skating, Waterpark & Podium cart racing (she’s a wild driver!)

What we talked about:
·      Security features on money
·      Actual dates of adoption & signing of the Declaration of Independence
·      Puberty & development
·      Plans for this Fall

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