Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chunky Diaper Cover

Here is a new pattern. It's been a long time coming!!!! I hope you all enjoy it.  I haven't been crocheting much lately.  I am not sure why.....  I started working on a few things this week so hopefully there will be more in the NEAR future.

You can download this pattern on Ravelry HERE.
On Craftsy HERE.

Enjoy & thanks for sticking with me!!!


  1. Cute! So many babies being born in the next few months, can't wait to try this one out :)

  2. I love this pattern! Any tips for converting to worsted weight yard?

    1. Well, you could try increasing st counts and row numbers by 1.5 times. Maybe that would work. not really sure though. You can just use 2 strands of worsted weight yarn worked together as one. That's what i did in the picture.